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Dr. Kuris Counseling Centers provide a wide variety of services to meet the needs of individuals and families.  The counseling center has several practicing health professionals to meet these needs. 

Dr. Kuris Counseling Centers offer, through our Clinical Division, a broad range of therapy and evaluation services.  We treat most cases of Depression, Anxiety, Habit disorders, Mental illness, Psychosomatic disorders, Personality problems, Situational stress, Substance abuse, Family disruption, and problems of childhood.

Evaluations Include:

  • Legal Evaluations
  • Second Opinions
  • Independent Medical Exams for Insurance
  • Psychiatric & Neuropsychiatric Evaluations for Schools

Clinical Services provided include treatment for the following:

AnxietyDepressionAdolesant Counseling
PTSDBiPolar DisorderMarriage Counseling
ADHDOCDSexual Counseling
AlcoholismEmotional TraumaFamily Therapy
Substance AbuseLoss & GriefAnger Management
HypnosisBehavior ModificationDivorce Counseling
Career CounselingRelationship IssuesParenting Advise

PyschoPragmatics provided include the following: 

Through our PsychoPragmatics division we offer our consultative and educational expertise in the psychology of human behavior and personnel evaluations to corporations, agencies, and individuals for organizational development, advertising, and personnel development.

Alcoholism Prevention & Intervention ProgramsStress ID/Reducation Programs"Transfer Shock"
Education & Support ServicesScreeening Services for EmploymentFocused Evaluation for Management and Execuative Candidates
Psychological Assessment of Advertising ProgramsSpecial Consultative & Support Programs for Affirmative Action Candiadates to Prevent Personnel/Dollar LossSpecial project and problem analysis
Multimodal coordination of experts in the Behavioral SciencesEducational Programs on Mental FitnessEduational Programs on Alcoholism
Personnel Management Education and Support Services Evaluation for Management and Executive Candidates


Each of our health professionals uses a systematic approach with treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, mindfulness-based therapy, and relational therapy. Dr. Jay Kuris has been in practice for over 30 years.  He is the medical director and supervising psychiatrist of both practice locations.  Dr. Kuris specializes in psychiatry/neuropsychiatry.  Our other therapists are;  


Educational Background: Diploma from Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing(received the highjklest academic award at graduation) in Phila.  BSN from the University of Penna., and Masters of Nursing degree from UCLA.  Dr. Jones earned her Doctorate in Psychology through The Union Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her dissertation  focused on the experience of mothers who have postpartum psychiatric disorder when they wean their infants from breastfeeding.  Partial list of Honors: In 2008, Dr. Jones was honored by the New Jersey League for Nursing’s (NJLN) to be one of the recipients of their annual “Nurse Recognition Award.” Students at Raritan Valley nominated her to receive the “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers” designation on three occasions. In 2006, Dr. Jones was awarded the Distinguished Alumnae Award from Presbyterian Hospital.

With over 35 years of experience in mental health nursing, Dr. Jones has been certified for 15 years by the American Nurses Association Certification Center to practice Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, including prescriptive practice. She retired from Raritan Valley Community College in Somerville, N.J., where she was the Chairperson of Health Science Education for 5 years, and a full time Professor of Nursing for 27 years.  In recognition of her meritorious service to Raritan Valley, Dr. Jones was awarded life-time status as Professor Emeritus.  She has been a family therapist for Dr. Kuris Counseling Centers in Flemington, NJ for 14 years.  Using a holistic philosophy, she has a special interest in helping women and their families during the childbearing cycle, especially those families affected by mood disorders that occur during pregnancy, postpartum, and lactation.  She has spoken at local, state, and national conferences.  Dr. Jones is a board member and past Secretary for Postpartum Support International.  Currently, she facilitates a support group for mothers, the Rocking Horse Club, on the first and third Monday of each month at Hunterdon Medical Center.

Dr. Bill Kirby

William Kirby, Ed.D. is an experienced psychotherapist who comes from a pastoral background.  He is an ordained Methodist Minister who has over 30 years of experience treating individuals an couples.  He has special expertise in anxiety reduction and sexual counseling. 

Dr. Leslie Callanan

Leslie Callanan, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience.  She works with individuals, couples, and families in need of therapy and support.  Dr. Callanan is also a certified school psychologist with a background in working with behavioral issues, learning disabilities, ADD, and autism spectrum disorders.  Dr. Callanan provides therapeutic services including counseling, the development of behavior plans, IEP/504 review and special education program consultation.  Additionally, Dr. Callanan provides psychological and cognitive testing for both children and adults to assess emotional, behavioral, and learning issues.

Mr. Michael Giantini

Michael Giantini, Ph.D.,M.A.,L.P.C., comes from a biological background.  He has particular training and experience in Motivational Therapy, a technique used to engage and motivate patients who are just beginning the therapeutic experience.  This technique is particularly appropriate for patients with substance abuse and dual diagnosis.  

                                    "Science, Compassion, and Common Sense"